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Kangaroo Legacy

Our company was born on the golf course. In the summer of 1969, Kangaroo founder Bill Ganskopp, an avid golfer, played with a human caddie at least three times a week—mostly on his home course, Red Fox Country Club in Columbus, North Carolina. In autumn, when the young caddies headed back to school, Bill found that pulling his golf bag or riding in a cart disrupted his game. He thought, "Why not motorize a pull cart so it could be steered like a self-propelled lawnmower?"


Before long, Bill was breezing around his home course with his first motorcaddie prototype, and fellow golfers were asking where they could get one. Hence, Kangaroo Products of Columbus, North Carolina, was born. Bill named his invention "Kangaroo" in tribute to the mother kangaroo that carries her joey lightly and quietly, and to honor the courses he'd played and enjoyed in Australia.


Kangaroo Today

Kangaroo Products Company has set the standard of excellence in design, engineering, quality, and durability in golf motorcaddies. Every motorcaddie that carries the Kangaroo name is manufactured and serviced in our own facilities in Columbus, North Carolina.


Our personal attention to every product translates into exceptional quality, value, and customer service for Kangaroo Owners. Though Kangaroo motorcaddies are virtually maintenance-free, should you need service or help for any reason, just pick up the phone or e-mail us. You will be taken care of directly by someone at our North Carolina plant who knows your Kangaroo inside and out.

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