Kangaroo's Schauer Smart Charger Instructions

  1. Disconnect battery from Kangaroo motorcaddy and/or remove safety cap.
  2. Connect battery to charger:
    RED battery clip on charger connects to POSITIVE (+) terminal on battery.
    BLACK battery clip on charger connects to NEGATIVE (-) terminal on battery.
  3. Plug charger in.

Arrow pointing to on-off switch on charger

On/Off switch on charger.

  1. Turn on charger by flipping ON/OFF switch (refer to above image).

Arrow pointing to the two indicator lights on charger
Two indicator lights on charger. The inner light will remain RED whenever charger is on. Outer light will be YELLOW when charger is actively charging or GREEN when charger is in maintenance mode.

  1. On the opposite side of the charger, RED indicator light should be lit up to show charger is on (refer to above image).
    Beside the RED indicator light is another indicator that will be YELLOW while charger is actively charging battery.
  2. Once battery is fully charged the second indicator light will turn GREEN. Charger will go into maintenance mode. It is best to leave battery charging until ready to use.

Troubleshooting/Fuse replacement

  • If the YELLOW light does not come on when the battery has been used it is likely the fuse is blown. Remove the fuse by unscrewing the fuse housing above the indicator light and inspect the fuse. Pull current fuse out, put new fuse in, and replace housing. One spare fuse is included with charger purchase. Order additional spares from Kangaroo (Part #SC-FUSE) or buy one locally.
  • If you never get the GREEN light, even after 24 hours of charging, you know your battery has a “dead cell.” It can no longer achieve a full charge, and should be replaced.
  • If the GREEN light is illuminated after a charging cycle, but you no longer get 18 holes of sufficient power, your battery has “sulfated” with age and use. It is being recharged to full voltage, but no longer has sufficient capacity to power your Kangaroo motorcaddie for a round of golf. It needs to be replaced.