new remote technology for 2021

available early 2021 from Kangaroo's North Carolina factory

2021 Z-series remote design

Take control of your game!
Color options: Inferno Red, Graphite Silver, Midnight Black

2021 Z-series

Requires lithium battery (sold separately)

  • Hand-held transmitter and caddie radio receiver with refined electronics for 2021.
  • Improves interference protection from other field signals in the same 900 megahertz bandwidth.
  • New design extends automatic time-out interval to 21 seconds.
  • Safety pause is two seconds when ramping up from your pre-selected GO walking speed to caddie’s FAST maximum speed.
Silver Z-series

Graphite Silver

red Z-series

Inferno Red

black Z-series

Midnight Black

Caddycell 16 AH battery

Requires lithium battery (sold separately) click here to learn more

Standard 16 Amp-Hour: $241

(5 pounds) - Includes USB port
(includes free charger - $20 value)

Upgraded 22 Amp-Hour: $329

(7 pounds)
(includes free charger - $20 value)

If you want to
  • pre-order with a gift certificate,
  • add your name to the reservation list, or
  • learn more about trade ins and upgrades,
Please phone or email me for your personal consultation.
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