Order Parts

Part/Description Price Order
Extreme Slope Wheel- Silver $85 Order
Extreme Slope Wheel- Red $85 Order
Chassis Parts
Drawlatch $16.95 Order
Chassis Insert $5 Order
Short Axle $20 Order
Long Axle $25 Order
Axle Retaining Rings $1.49 Order
Crocodile Clip Kit- All discontinued models* $24 Order
Hillcrest Control Wire with Receptacle $13.95 Order
Vortex and Model 5 Control Wire with Receptacle $13.95 Order
Motor- All Models $177 Order
Output Gear $35 Order
Bevel Gear $13.50 Order
Motor Pinion Gear $14.95 Order
Intermediate Gear with Bearings $75 Order
Axle Bearing/Bushing $10.95 Order
Gearbox Gasket $3.95 Order
Rear Wheel and Tire- All Models 2019 and before $79 Order
Control Board- All discontinued models* Call to order
Roll Pin Pinion Gear $0.49 Order
Roll Pin Long Axle to Gearbox $0.49 Order
Roll Pin Hubs to Axle $0.79 Order
Left Hub (Away from Motor $24.50 Order
Right Hub (Near Gearbox) $24.50 Order
Gearmotor Assembly- All remote models $110 Order
Handle Parts
Black Bag Protector, Upper $4 Order
Black Bag Protector, Lower $3 Order
Cushion Handle Grip- Must order two to get a pair. For discontinued serial #86999 and below. $7.95 Order
Standard Handle Grip- For all models serial #87000 and up. $7.95 Order
Speed Potentiometer- All models $35 Order
Distance Potentiometer- Hillcrest AB only $35 Order
Speed/Distance Knob $4.95 Order
On/Off Rocker Switch- Non-remote models and Hillcrest AB $16.95 Order
Function Switch- X-series and Z-series $19.95 Order
Control Cable with Plug- Hillcrest AB $27.95 Order
Control Cable with Plug- Non-remote models $27.95 Order
Upper Bag Support Yoke and Huggers $75.50 Order
Yoke Stop Assembly $8.95 Order
Yoke Stop Screw $0.49 Order
Handle Back Plate Screws- 2 needed $0.49 Order
Tube Plug Shim $2.25 Order
CaddieCommand Parts
Drive Centering O-ring*- Kangaroo recommends replacing this annually. $6.25 Order
Transmitter Holster $16.95 Order
Gallery Seat Parts
Seat Washer Assembly (Black Spring) $11.95 Order
Seat Washer Assembly with Nut (Silver Spring) $11.95 Order
Seat Bushing- For Black Spring Gallery Seats. $1 Order
Other Parts
Replacement Swivel Cup Holder $21 Order

*Discontinued models are Hillcrest X-series (ABX and MAX), Hillcrest AB and Model 5.