Kangaroo Golfstream fold-up caddy

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Includes two FREE accessories! Online orders receive the cup and scorecard holders. If you prefer different accessories call us at 828-436-2101 to place your order.

Kangaroo Golfstream Quick Start Guide

Golfstream Pacer and it's speed screen
$999 $849
Web Special

with brake & distance timer

Speed remains more consistent on downhill slopes. Whether battery is connected or disconnected, gears prevent “runaway” and stop the cart. All you do is gently steer your self-propelled Kangaroo Golfstream PACER and enjoy the healthy benefits of walking!
Golfstream PACER Quick Start Guide

Compare each caddy's full list of features on KangarooGolfstream.com

Learn how to put caddy wheels in free-wheel mode

Both weigh just over 20 pounds!

47 inches (long) x 24 inches (wide) x 38 inches (high)

Fold to compact 35 inches (long) x 24 inches (wide) x 12 inches (high)

Require lithium battery (sold separately)

18 Amp-Hour: $299 $249
Limited Time Special

(5 pounds) includes free charger a $39 value*
Buy 18AH CaddyCell battery
more information on CaddyCell lithium battery
*charger only free when battery purchased with new caddy


Super simple fold/unfold
Magnet holds folded caddie together, for comfortable carrying

Cradles bag without "perching" on a central beam, avoids bag wobble
Super elastic cords for securing your bag, top and bottom

Bright screen interface, seen easily even in full sun
Variable speed increments 0.5 to match your walking pace

High grip, durable polyurethane foam tires
Push button release, to remove drive wheels from axle

Powerful, quiet motor for steep hills
Excellent stability traversing slopes

kangaroo Golfstream folding down

Still of Golfstream and the words unique quick-fold system with play video symbol