Free Wheeling

If you must push, pull, or tow your Kangaroo, even for short distances, ALWAYS place it in Free-Wheeling Mode first!

Gear damage from failure to disengage the drive wheels from the gear train is not covered by the warranty.

Quick Release Button

Two grooves on the axle - lock onto outside groove for free wheeling mode
To position each wheel into Free-Wheeling Mode:
  1. Push the quick release button on the outside of the wheel.
  2. Slide the wheel outward slightly on the axle. Release button to allow it to lock in the proper groove. When the hub is locked onto the free-wheel groove, the wheel will not slide off.
Returning Wheels to Drive Mode:

While pushing the quick release button, slip wheel all the way against the hub, aligning the drive pins on the hub into the drive holes in the wheel. When the wheel is on the axle, against the hub with the drive pins engaged, release the button. The release button will lock. The wheel should now be securely mounted on the axle.